Sunday, June 30, 2013

Surfset A New Wave In Houston Area Workouts

By: Jourdan King

Are treadmills becoming monotonous to you? Pilates not giving you that rush of endorphins you crave? Then hop on a surfboard and get the high energy, heart racing, sweaty and fun workout you have been looking for!

SURFSET Houston is the workout sensation that can get you that hot surfer bod without the worry of sunburn or sharks!  “A surfer is lean without looking weak, and muscular without the bulk. Sharp muscle lines are perfectly symmetrical, and overall body balance creates that enviable athletic physique.” states

Trainers, owners and spouses Chris and Rina Mcneill started their journey with SURFSET in March 2013 and are the first and only SURFSET trainers in Houston. “We saw an episode of Shark Tank that featured an update on SURFSET.” Said the Mcneils “We loved the idea and uniqueness of the concept.”

Chris has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years; he has worked as a personal trainer in Spring, Tx and was the Director of Nutrition for Gold's Gym in College Station. Rina is a Nurse by trade and also owns a business teaching children how to play organized sports.

SURFSET is a fitness phenomenon that is incorporating the core strengthening from standing on an unstable object with resistance training, cardio and Pilates. The couple describes it as a “fantastic workout you get without realizing how hard you are actually working.”

“As SURFSET trainers, we want to make sure everyone who tries our workouts loves them just as much as we do. Our workouts are fun, surf- inspired movements that help people with their balance, flexibility and coordination.” Said the Mcneils. Each trainer has a different style of SURFSET with a different playlist of music. Whether you are new to fitness, been around the gym a few times or just looking for a new way to keep your body tight there is a class for every skill level.

“Our workouts are different from the moment you set foot in our studios. We use a surfboard that sits on top of three Bosu balls and it secured to a base to prevent it from tipping over. It sits about 6 inches off the ground.” Said the Mcneils. For those who do not know a Bosu is a ball or platform used for causing an unstable foundation to work out on, thus engaging your core to maintain balance. It makes ‘cheating’ on your workouts more difficult while targeting and strengthening your core.

“We have four programs all designed to achieve different goals. We use our surf inspired workouts to torch fat, and get in shape SURFER style!” said the Mcneils. The classes offered at SURFSET Houston are: 1. BALANCE to help with flexibility, strengthening the core and stability. 2. BURN fat in this high intensity interval training (HIIT). 3. BUILD your body weight in addition to resistance will help you build the muscle to have you looking amazing! 4. BLEND all forms together to have the complete fitness package.

SURFSET Houston is currently holding classes at 25915 Budde Rd. in The woodlands and have started construction on their second location in Spring, TX @ 5200 FM 2920 Suite #200 that is set to open this summer.

For more information on how to get your very own surfer body, visit to reserve your board. The first class is free so you have nothing to lose but fat and sweat. Tell them Jourdan from My Fit Foods sent you to get a special incentive just for trying SURFSET Houston. Surfs up!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crossfit Redefined: Redefining "Disabeled"

I've been waiting to do this blog because I wanted to get the video footage but recently I had the pleasure or sampling food at a crossfit competition. I thought i was going to a walk to benefit those in chairs but was pleasantly surprised when I walked into a warehouse turned cross fit gym.

The owner Angel Gonzalez rolled up to my car while I was unloading with a smile and we made introductions. He told me this was their first event that incorporated wheelchair athletes. I was eager to see the outcome.

 Having just recently seeing the Crossfit Games on television with my fiance we saw how intense crossfit really is. We both workout doing weight training but saw that crossfit is a good way to achieve overall fitness. This was truly one of the most intense things I've seen, there were so many people cheering and encouraging the participating athletes to push themselves to their fitness limits.

The males went first, then the females and lastly the wheelchair athletes took the mat.

 I didn't expect them to do pull ups with their chairs tightly strapped to their bodies. I can't do a single pull up without assistance and these guys  did them in their chairs. One participant went to far as to do a pull up then a dip on top of the bar!

Angel Gonzalez, owner

  After the competition ended the times and winners were announced, the winner from the male division & female division got partnered up with the top two in the wheelchair division and had a "special challenge" to compete in. The video below shows the challenge.

Angel Gonzalez told me it was a good way for able bodied athletes to see what it is like to have to overcome obstacles being in a chair, these two able bodied athletes finished at the top of their divisions but once they sat in the chair everything changed.

After everyone left my coworker and I got in chairs and wheeled around the warehouse to see that it was like to be in a chair and we saw it's not as easy as it looks. After a few minutes we started feeling like we were doing upper body workouts at the gym. This definitely changed our views on those in chairs and I think everyone in attendance could say the same. I am so glad I worked this event and I look forward to any and all future events I can be involved in.

Angel has such an amazing spirit and doesn't let his chair stop him from living life to the fullest. He told us he goes boogie boarding, he's done a mud dash and more. He said if his chair fits, he's going. He's the perfect example to show people that life can throw you come major curve balls and it may bend you, but it doesn't have to break you.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Engaged & Elated

This past Friday (April 26th) I got engaged to toe love of my life! It was part of my 25th birthday festivities he had planned for the evening.

 I was trying to decide if I should do a blog post or a vlog and I decided to to a vlog yesterday. It's been a long time since I made a video but I like it. So if you would also like to know how I was proposed to check out the video below! :-D

Even though I knew years ago that this was the man I planned on spending the rest of my life with the moment he asked me to marry him was unlike anyother moment I've ever experienced.  To know this person wants to spend the rest of their life with you is an amazing experience. This has been the best birthday of my life and I will always remember my 25th as the time I was asked to be his wife. I never thought I would be this in love and I never thought anyone would love me the way he does. I always had an idea of what love should feel like but I didn't fully anticipate the weight. I love him more than words can describe and I am truly blessed to be the woman in his life.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Body Wraps: Fit or Fail

I attend a lot of Health Fairs and vendor events for my job and I've noticed a lot of booths offering body wraps as a 'get fit quick' option. I want to pull the women aside and tell them "You know that isn't going to last long right? You aren't actually getting fit." But since I am in a professional environment with my company logo embroidered on my shirt I hold off. But I really feel like I need to inform women on these so-called 'weight loss and detox' options these companies offer. What is a body wrap? If you are unsure of what I'm even talking about here's the breakdown according to is "A type of beauty treatment involving the application of skin-cleansing ingredients to the body, which is then wrapped in hot towels."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The way this thing works is that there is creams and or oils rubbed on your body then wrapped with plastic wrap before hot towels/a heating blanket is wrapped around you to cause you to 'detox and lose weight'. The only thing that gets detoxed is your skin, in order for an organ detox you would have to ingest a liquid detox or supplement pills. There has been no scientific evidence to prove that wrapping your body (outside) has been able to remove any toxins from your body (inside). The way your skin is detoxed is by you sweating from the plastic wrap and heating. It's as if you were to sit in a sauna or exercise, when you do this your body will release skin toxins through sweat.
Even though many people have and can lose inches from wrapping and sweating it is usually just water weight. Having high amounts of salt in your diet causes your body to retain water and when doing so it seems as if you have more fat weight when in fact it is just water. Yesterday I met a man at my gym who has high blood pressure and his body holds on to any fluids he ingests. Since his body retains so much water he loses 'weight' rapidly while working out he said "I can lose anywhere from 4-6lbs of water in one workout, like 1 spin class and 4lbs of water is gone." So if you are someone with similar situation doing cardio and more vigorous exercises can help you lose your water weight.
The appearance of weight loss may only last you a few days, doing body wraps is not comparable to proper eating and exercise. If you really need to lose weight in your mid-section is to change how you eat, when gaining weight the first place that usually gets bigger is your stomach. By simply changing how you and and drink you can dramatically change how your body looks and feels, do cardio and weight resistance training and you'll start to see lasting results. If you are just trying to slim down a little to fit into a dress for an event then it will work for that, if you are trying to get lasting results to look and feel better with and about yourelf then this isn't the way to go.
So as you've probably figured I think this is a fail, it's just an expensive way to get you to sweat and get moisturized. My suggestion; get a gym membership, a personal trainer/fitness consultant, get on a workout plan and really lose the weight. If you have any questions about wraps, workout or healthy eating tips feel free to ask, I talk about this stuff all day.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Helping Houston Hear

Dr. Monique Jenkins: Houston Audiologist

Dr. Monique Jenkins

By: Jourdan King♦

Dr. Monique Jenkins is an Audiologist in Houston whose passion for helping Houstonians hear better drives her to proving excellent care to everyone who steps foot in The Center for Healthy Hearing.
The native to New Orleans, Louisiana was drawn to Houston by Audiology, though she made a few stops along the way.

“I completed my Bachelor of Science from Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans, my Master of Science from The University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette, and my Doctorate from The University of Florida in Gainesville.” Said Dr. Jenkins

A lot may think hearing is one of the lesser senses, many think they may be able to get by just fine if they lost their hearing. Dr. Jenkins believes otherwise; she believes the ability to hear, or the lack thereof, can dramatically alter one’s way of living.

“When people ask me what I do as a career, I tell them that I reconnect family and friends back together through better hearing,” said Jenkins. Hearing the testimonies from the family and friends of the patients and how better hearing has improved their relationships and lifestyles. For example, one of my patient’s daughters said to me, “My mother looks and walks happier since she can hear”.”
After years of being an Audiologist working at different facilities such as: Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, Beltone Hearing Aid Center, San Jacinto Methodist Hospital s well as others, Dr. Jenkins decided it was time to have her own private practice, The Center for Healthy Hearing.

“I have been practicing as an audiologist since 1993, almost 20 years, and have been in private practice a little over 5 years.” Said Dr. Jenkins

Audiologists are not only there for you if you have lost your hearing. There are many benefits from visiting your local Audiologist.

“I like the idea of identifying a problem and being able to fix the problem almost immediately.” Said Dr. Jenkins “Either with removing wax from a patient’s ears, referring the patient to the primary care physician for some medical intervention, or with a set of hearing aids due to a permanent nerve damage hearing loss.”

Throughout her career she has been involved in many research projects involving hearing, one of which was the brain-child to the first Newborn Hearing Screening Program at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital here in Houston, TX. She has hosted teaching workshops while working for the Texas Independent School District, she also conducted hearing screenings and provided training for the equipment used and how to read and understand the tests.

Being the youngest of her siblings and the first to complete college in her immediate family it is evident that greatness has been in Dr. Jenkins from a very young age. Her drive and dedication to those she comes across has had and will continue to have a positive effect on the patients she sees and the people closest o the patients. Having met Dr. Jenkins personally outside of the office saying that she is a nice person is an understatement; she radiates positive energy and can make you feel comfortable in any situation.

“I love my career as an audiologist. And because of the love and passion I have for what I do, I can see myself taking care of people’s hearing for a long time.” Said Dr. Jenkins “I see myself teaching and developing young audiologists who have the same love and passion I do for helping people hear again.”

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Fighting Obesity

A few days ago I did a Nutrition Presentation for the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Alumni Chapter for a Health and Wellness event they were putting on.

I brought Lean Lemon Turkey, a popular lunch item from My Fit Foods, to serve the ladies after I did my presentation.

My PowerPoint was on Fighting Obesity. Living in Houston, Texas their 'larger than life' attitude translates into food and waistlines as well. Houston is known to be one of the most obese cities in the USA and when people are eating nearly half their calorie intake in one meal it's evident that the lack of education is the reason obesity is running wild in this country.

Showing the women the difference between 250 lbs of muscle vs fat.

During my presentation I told the women the different reasons they may be gaining/keeping weight. It could be from medical reasons, sleep deprivation or prescription medications. I gave them tips on what they should and shouldn't be eating and exercise tips. The response was great! I got so many questions about my presentation and about things going on in the media about weight loss that they were unsure about. I've gotten a few requests for me to send them the presentation so they could show their friends and family members what I showed them.

I really enjoyed myself by informing these ladies on ways to help improve themselves with the way they eat and the lifestyles they live. I look forward to giving more informational presentations like this instead of just sampling out food like I usually do. I felt like I connected more with the people I spoke with and they were able to take home more than a menu and a free meal coupon.

For information of healthy eating and fitness feel free to ask!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Event Producer Paris Warren wants Houstonians to take a “Look” towards Fashion and HIV Awareness


Houston Fashion Show Features The Thinkering's very own Jourdan King►

On November 16, 2012 eleven fashion designers from across the US and beyond will take to the stage at The Look Houston 2012 to showcase their upcoming 2013 Spring/Summer fashion lines, this event is certain to expose Houston to high fashion as well as raise awareness for HIV/AIDs.

This Fashion show ‘Xtraordinaire’ will not only break fashion barriers of the South but also hope raise awareness for the HIV/AIDs epidemic sweeping the nation and our very city as well. 22-year-old Paris Warren is the owner of Xtraordinaire Events & Production Co. and is the executive producer of The Look Houston 2012 Fashion show set to take place at Las Velas Houston this coming Friday.

“I have been apart this Houston Fashion Industry for going on 5 years and have successfully completed 30+ shows with my company.” Said Paris Warren “My company specializes in giving and putting independency to the forefront and that's what my brand is all about. Why not incorporate something this amazing during such a festive time of the year which is Fashion Houston? It’s taking Place November 12th-15th.”

“I decided to do something brilliant which is something very tricky to do but close out Fashion Houston with the ultimate independent designer & artistry fashion show to hit the Streets of Houston.” Said Warren “What sparked my inspiration is the love for not only fashion but for opportunity; something that is definitely needed here in Houston.”

Houston, let alone the South in general, is not known for fashion. When people think of fashion the locations that roll off their tongues are: New York, Los Angeles, Milan or Paris. Houston, Tx is nowhere near this list.

“This show for Houston is a way for people elsewhere to "look" and finally take us seriously and that's why this show is called "The Look Houston 2012" because after this event everyone will be looking at Houston as one of the fashionable cities.” Said Warren.

“This isn't the norm because it’s about designers from all around the world in one place at one time. And it’s because it’s all about the artistry of fashion, music, culture and truly some of the best designers around the world.” Said Warren “This is different from my other shows because my company normally caters to the needs of my clients, verses me actually being able to use my creative ideas and vision to do my own show.”

In addition to exposing Houston to fashions they may not on average be accustomed to, it is also a platform to expose them to a bigger issue they may be neglecting which is the HIV/AIDs epidemic. A portion of proceeds from the event will be donated to Aids Foundation Houston, a Houston based nonprofit corporation whose primary goal and focus is to “lead the innovative efforts in the prevention of new HIV infections and empowers individuals, families, and communities affected by HIV/AIDS to create and sustain healthy lives.” as stated on their website

“We decided to make this a benefit because Xtraordinaire Events loves and does believe in anthropology. Giving back to something that's greater than what we see and understand is a beautiful thing.” Said Warren. “The reason why I decided to donate monies to this benefit is because I feel it’s something that's lacked to really be touched on here in Houston and I feel like it hits close to home for me. I want to be one of the youngest HIV activists in the world.”

Pictured: Jourdan King

 Aids Foundation Houston was founded in 1982 and was Texas’ first organization dedicated to HIV prevention and awareness.

“This is a great benefit and it’s something I wanted to do to help HIV & AIDs patients that are in need and can’t receive it. The reason why I want to donate to this cause is because I'm HIV positive and I feel like it’s something that definitely deserves some area of attention.” Said Warren “Since people aren't very educated in that area, I want to create ways to educate and also broaden people’s horizons.”

Throughout his career and planning this event Warren is proving a test status doesn’t define the person and does not have to affect accomplishing one’s dreams and aspirations. For the past 9 months Warren has been tediously planning this affair to expose his peers to his personal creativity while catering to all those coming to partake in the fashionable experience.

“Guests will get a very elegant filled night of fashion and artistry at its finest. We will be giving out goodie bags that include a variety of fashionable items and different products from businesses.” Said Warren “Also getting to witness firsthand the independent show that's going to take Houston from a 5 and put them to a 10!”

Since Texans famously think themselves to be the crème de la crème of the United States why not have fashion be included in that pride as well?

“This show is important to Houston because people globally deserve to see what we as Houstonians have to offer; which is great, everything especially the fashion and I think it should be taken as such.” Said Warren “We have great designers here and they need to be elevated so people can see Houston is a top notch fashion city with a very diverse fashion industry.”

While many try to keep things at a surface level Paris Warren is dedicated to playing both sides of the fence; giving you entertainment while evoking the need to stay educated on yourself and your health. Everyone that comes in contact with Mr. Warren should be inspired to not only strive to accomplish your goals but to help others along the way. He wants to keep Houstonians happy and healthy with their most fashionable foot forward.

For more information on The Look Houston 2012 Fashion show and to purchase tickets visit 

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